Wednesday, December 31, 2008

survival day – celebrate with indigenous music, dancers and elders

Australia Day 2009 will see the second running of Survival Day in Belgrave, a concert to celebrate the survival of indigenous culture both locally and nationally.

Last year I spoke at the inaugural Survival Day event and I’m glad to see that the Survival Day organisers are back with another great program of artists this year.
The second annual event will involve indigenous artists including Lee "Sonnyboy" Morgan and Band, Healesville Traditional Dance Troupe and Sparkleland an indigenous children's entertainer. Indigenous Elders Aunty Dot Peters and Uncle Henry will also speak at the event. Stalls selling indigenous craft and bushfoods will be there.

Lee "Sonnyboy" Morgan says “Australia Day was initially called Invasion Day but it did not sit in the spirit of Reconciliation so it was aptly changed to Survival Day. It represents how Indigenous people of the land and country have survived and are still part of the wonderful and great landscape.

Performing at such an event as Belgrave Survival Day brings to my band and myself great energy and respect to all people and nations. By being there on that day we can honour those who came before us and move forward from the issues of the past.

Let us join together in unity to celebrate our land, friendship and respect for one another. Let there be no borders so we can share the paths that are walked upon. Let this be part of our journey.”

I have been a proud supporter of the Belgrave Survival Day, an event organised by a group of committed local people. Belgrave Survival Day plays an important part in building better relationships and understanding between the indigenous and wider community. I look forward to seeing you there.

When: Monday, January 26th 2009
: Cameo Outdoor Cinema - 1628 Burwood Highway, Belgrave
Time: 12 to 5 PM

The Healesville Indigenous Dance Troupe at the 2008 Survival Day in Belgrave.

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