Friday, January 02, 2009

the celebrations continue

Tis the season to be celebrating, but this year the new year comes with two extra special celebrations.

Tecoma residents came out to celebrate the recent refusal of liquor licence application for a BWS (Woolworths) Drive Thru bottle shop.

Residents of Tecoma are delighted with the decision to refuse a liquor licence for this site, they were greatly relieved to hear that Woolworths will not be pursuing a review of the decision.

There were celebrations aplenty at Burrinja with VCAT approving the development of the new performing arts space. I'm joined by Cr Len Cox (mayor) and Cr Noel Cliff, as well as Burrinja committee of management members and volunteers/artists on the steps of Burrinja.

Councillors, Burrinja Committee of Management members, artists and volunteers all came out to cheer the next step forward for Burrinja.

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