Sunday, January 18, 2009

selby park gets a group

I was really pleased to hear that a ‘Friends of Selby Park’ group has been started. Selby Park (wedged between Lyons Drive and Belgrave Gembrook Road) is a great little park and is one of the only flat areas in Selby to play a bit of cricket or footy. It also is home to a playground and Selby PreSchool as well as some very good bushland areas.

The Friends of Selby Park group has been established to:
- preserve remnant bushland
- revegetate degraded areas of the reserve
- ensure community access and facilities are safe and well maintained.

Pictured from left to right: Terrie, Vicki, Kaitlyn, Meg, Bianca, Me, Gaye and Jackie inspecting the area planted up by the Selby CFA last National Tree Planting Day (see blog).

I was keen to meet Meg MacDonald, the driving force behind the group and went along to the first meeting this Saturday. The day included a walk around the park to discuss what needed to be done, talk about the environmental values of the park and what community facilities need improving.

The group were keen to get weeding straight away. The target this time was Montpellier Broom, a declared Noxious Weed in Victoria.

If you would like to know more or get involved you can contact Meg at

‘Friends’ groups throughout the Shire play a key role in enhancing our environment, they are a committed bunch who dedicate many volunteer hours weeding and revegetating a whole range of different regions. Our environment is far better for their contribution.

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