Tuesday, April 21, 2009

built environment framework

report from the roundtable - 14 april

Late last year council resolved to make Vision 2020 by Design available for public consultation. Vision 2020 by Design seeks to provide clarity around development throughout the shire to better reflect the community's aspirations.

I moved a motion to adopt Vision 2020 by Design as a resource document for the shire. The document will help give greater protection to townships throughout the Dandenongs (and the shire) because it will provide greater clarity about the design outcomes for the community.

It has had extensive consultation and is a great representation of the aspirations of our community in relation to the built form. It will help protect the unique character of our townships, villages and hamlets by giving guidance on what is an appropriate built form for the area.

It was terrific to see the document finally come to fruition.

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