Friday, April 24, 2009

train failure inquiry - submit before 1 june

On 11 March 2009, the Legislative Council supported a Greens motion to set up an inquiry into the reasons for failures in the provision of metropolitan and VLine train services.

A 7 Member all-party select committee made up of Bruce Atkinson (Liberal) – Chair, Shaun Leane (ALP) - Deputy Chair , Greg Barber (Greens), Damian Drum (Nationals), Ms Jennifer Huppert (ALP), Edward O'Donohue (Liberal) and Matt Viney (ALP) will present its final report to the Council no later than March 2010.

Last year I conducted a survey at the Belgrave station as the Yarra Ranges’ ETC representative (see blog). 51% of commuters at the Belgrave station want more services on the Belgrave/Lilydale line and only 26% of commuters at the Belgrave station believe the train service meets their needs. It’s not surprising, the cancellation rate on the Belgrave line is high and does nothing to instill confidence in the train system.

The Committee is inviting written submissions from any persons and organisations who wish to express views on any aspects of this Inquiry. Given the scope of the inquiry, it has the capacity to consider broad ranging views and inputs.

The Eastern Transport Coalition will be developing a submission for the inquiry. The failure of the train system locally has seen a loss of confidence in the public transport system. Without a guarantee of reliability it is very difficult to continue to have faith in a system that may get your where you're going, but fail to deliver you home in a timely and reliable fashion.

Guidelines for making a written submission can be accessed via the
web with submissions due by Monday 1 June 2009.

Public hearings will be scheduled following the close of submissions.

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