Sunday, May 24, 2009

planning for puffing

Today was planning day for the Southern Ranges Environment Alliance. The day saw members of the group come together to plan the next steps in how to get better outcomes for our natural environment.

SREA communicates between the many volunteers, community groups, landholders, agencies that have given high priority to working on environmental assets along the Puffing Billy corridor and adjacent areas. They work to restore habitat and bio links stretching from Bunyip State Park to Dandenong Ranges National Park, to Yellingbo Reserve and Lysterfield State Park.

Made up of many local landcare and friends groups, today saw them come together to work out the where to from here. The day covered many elements, not only a visioning exercise, but an action list was created so there is a clear plan for future activities.

The depth of knowledge and level of enthusiasm in the room was overwhelming. We are very fortunate to have these dedicated volunteers, not only giving up their time to do the physical on the ground work, but forfeiting their Sunday to ensure the development of a cohesive plan for the future to improve our natural environment.


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