Saturday, August 29, 2009

ranges dreaming

Today I had the very great pleasure of officially opening "Ranges Dreaming", a performance by the Ranges Young Strings at Burrinja. Student musicians of the Ranges Young Strings have been involved in workshops with Karen Kyriakou, a wonderful music educator, composer and conductor to compose a piece called Air Earth Water Fire. Part of their workshop included a session with Ron Murray who exposed the students to indigenous music.

The Ranges Young Strings performing their own composition Air Earth Water Fire, conducted by Karen Kyriakou.

Ranges Dreaming was assisted by the Shire of Yarra Ranges through a community cultural development grant. It was wonderful to hear the performance of the Ranges Young Strings (RYS) and see the shire's grant in action. The day also included performances by the Burnt Bridge Senior Orchestra and the Tarella String Quartet, all former RYS members.

The Ranges Young Strings with me, Karen Kyriakou and Dindy Vaughan (musical director and conductor) centre.

A highlight of the day was Sun Arise and Earthbeat, played by the Burnt Bridge Orchestra and the RYS, accompanied by the Tecoma Primary School Choir.

The shire is very fortunate to have a dedicated group of volunteers at the DRMC to bring music to our young people, it continues the fine tradition of culture, music and art in the Dandenong Ranges. Children from as far away as Millgrove and Warburton play with the RYS and their composition and performance of Air Earth Water Fire was compelling and beautiful.

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