Thursday, September 24, 2009

vision 2020, reviewed and ratified

report from the roundtable – 22 Sep

At this meeting council endorsed and adopted our Community Plan Vision 2020. Vision 2020 was first developed in 1999 and represents the aspirations of our community and what they envisage in the future for Yarra Ranges. We have just been through a review process to check in with community that the vision still represents their aspirations.
From the review came the identification of ten community priorities and it is no surprise to me that Ecological Sustainability tops the list. Other priorities include:
Connecting the community
Council’s role – good governance
Affordable and sustainable housing
Youth and children
Ageing population
Localising the economy
Mental and physical health
What really impresses me about this review of Vision 2020 is the amount of children involved in the review, I believe for the first time. 196 children participated in a survey and artwork program with a further 31 participating in a children’s workshop.

It is an impressive document, a true vision for our community and council will use it to guide us in all our activities.

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