Sunday, October 11, 2009 in belgrave

The 24th October is International Day of Action for Climate Change. I was proud to support a local event in Belgrave by providing native plants to hand out to passers by.

Current science is suggesting 350 parts per million (ppm) of carbon in the atmosphere is the target needed to avoid runaway climate change. The world’s atmosphere is currently at 386ppm and the Federal Government is using 450ppm as their goal for greenhouse gas reductions. 450ppm is too high and we must strive for lower levels of carbon in our atmosphere.

"we know what the problem is
we have the technology to fix it
but where is the political will?
Saving the world is a job for everyone"

Kristy Henderson was at the Belgrave Bazaar Market on Saturday encouraging locals to complete a ‘leaf’ in response to climate change. Leaves will be sewn onto a Communal Climate Change Tree Banner. If you haven’t got a leaf and would like one, visit Jane at Local and Global in Belgrave.

I encourage you to come along, the event starts 11am at Belgrave Library followed by parade and procession to James Merlino's office on Burwood Highway. Activities include a BBQ and massive chalk up, there’s also a Best Banner Competition (make your own and prize given out for the best).

It is time to show government that we want action and real targets that will start to address the ever increasing carbon levels in our atmosphere.

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