Thursday, October 08, 2009

free trees for ribbons of green

If you’d like to participate in Yarra Ranges’ Ribbons of Green program then you have till November this year to order your trees. Indigenous tube stock can be ordered for planting on both public and private land as part of the project.

The Ribbons of Green program has been developed to assist schools and private landholders establish bush style habitat, the program also assists community groups who revegetate council land.

Originally developed to reduce council’s Co2 emissions from our fleet vehicles (heavy and light), the program has developed into a more complex planting program to enrich biodiversity, so not only trees are planted, but valuable understorey plants are part of the program too.

Ribbons of Green is a program that focuses on a myriad of different issues including linking existing habitats, erosion controls, weed reduction and stock shelter.

The program has been immensely successful, this year 75,000 indigenous tube stock was planted on private and public land.

If you are interested in participating contact David Carr on or phoning 1300 368 333.

Free tree guards, stakes and weed mats are also be available to help the plants establish in the ground, as well as advice on how to prepare sites for planting, controlling weeds and selecting appropriate species for different locations.

Applications are assessed on the environmental benefits that can be achieved from the site, so existing vegetation, property size, land use and linkages with state or national parks and waterways will be considered as part of the assessment process.

If you’re interested get your application in soon!

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At 10:21 PM, Blogger Bobby La said...

Hi Samantha.

Worthy project I'm sure, but I'm worried by the introduction of fire dependent eco systems into the built environment and wondered if this was a consideration when planting schemes such as this are carried out.

Given that we can expect many more sub-apocalyptic days as we had on Black Saturday then I wonder if that shouldn't be factored into the equation. Perhaps it is?

Regards Ross McLeod


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