Saturday, October 03, 2009

selby cfa – cleaning up for community

The Selby CFA are being very proactive in the lead up to this year’s fire season. Concentrating in areas where residential properties and bush (reserves and forests) intersect, the brigade has sought permission to conduct burning off activities from the Shire, Parks Victoria and the CFA. I was very happy to support their positive actions.

The Brigade has spent many volunteer hours raking up bark, twigs and dead undergrowth then burning them off to reduce the amount of fire fuel at the residential interface.

Selby CFA cleaning up today on Nation Road where Sherbrooke Forest is on one side of the road, people's houses on the other.
The brigade is concentrating on Nation Road and Selby Park on the Belgrave Gembrook Road.

It’s a great initiative and once again highlights the commitment of CFA members to their local community – well done Selby CFA!

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