Wednesday, October 28, 2009

dust suppression triples

report from the roundtable - 27 Oct

It was with great pleasure that I moved a motion to triple the amount of unsealed roads treated under the Shire's Dust Suppression Program.

Dust gets into everything, the washing, the windows, residents on dirt roads get covered with dust. Based on the trials of Roadseal 201 residents will enjoy less dusty summers.

The Shire has been trialling a new product and incorporated it into our grading program. This means that rather than treating on 10% of dirt roads in the shire, now 30% of roads will be treated for dust suppression.

Time and time again residents have raised the issue of dust from unsealed roads with me. Now the weather is a lot drier residents start to experience large quantities of dust from October onwards. The recent rains have given residents a bit of a reprieve but in the height of summer roads become very dusty.

It is expected that the new product will improve the stability of the road as well as suppressing the dust from the roads. The program will treat all unsealed road sections that carry more than 150 vehicles a day and will include collector roads.

Councillors supported the motion unanimously.

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