Friday, January 29, 2010

budget brushed up

report from the roundtable – 27 Jan

At this week’s council meeting I moved that the revised budget for 2009/10 be exhibited for public comment.

Every mid year the Yarra Ranges council reviews its budget to allow for any emerging needs and to take into account any savings. Most of the ebb and flow of the budget is maintained within the projected surplus/deficit and additional funds are rarely required at the mid year review.

This year is a little different to most. With $1.4 million of additional expense dedicated to support council’s enhanced bushfire preparations for the 2009/10 summer and $220,000 for bushfire recovery costs for which there is no reimbursement back to Yarra Ranges.

There’s also a lot of priority capital works projects and community service works and projects in the mix as well.

With all of these changes it was important and a matter of due diligence that council put the revised budget out for public exhibition and comment. Council will formally adopt the revised budget at its meeting on 9th March after considering any submissions.

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