Wednesday, February 17, 2010

early years plan – shaping our children’s future

report from the roundtable – feb 9

I had the pleasure of moving the motion to endorse the shire’s Municipal Early Years Plan – Help Shape the Future of Children. The development of the plan was a process I’ve followed closely as the councillor representative on the steering committee.

The consultative process was extensive, community conversations and forums, postcard questionnaires and feedback, roundtables with experts and practitioners, input from early childhood development experts and of course feedback from children too.

The plan identifies three key priorities in planning for families and children over the next three years in the Shire of Yarra Ranges.

1. Yarra Ranges is a place where children are safe, healthy, active in learning and develop well.

2. Children are active participants in community life.

3. All families are able to meet the social, emotional, learning and health needs of their children.

The Shire of Yarra Ranges will work in partnership with our communities to improve the opportunities and outcomes for young children through:
Working towards a child friendly community
~ Engaging children in every aspect of community life
Focusing attention on vulnerable and isolated families
Creating conditions where families can help children to reach their full potential.

Children are often ignored in our society, their views not taken into account. I’ve long been a passionate advocate for their voice to be heard. I’m hopeful that
Help Shape the Future of Children will help to fill that gap and we will have a municipality that is truly a child friendly community.

The plan will officially be launched in March.

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