Tuesday, February 09, 2010

station rats and other scum bags

Last week I had the great privilege of opening
Station Rats & other Scum Bags,
an art project with tiffany bishop and the SCUM PUPS at the Burrinja Gallery in Upwey.

Tiffaney Bishop, local artist (left), has done a great job assisting these young people with their works. Tiffaney works with compassion and dedication, committed to the project and the young people of Upwey.

Station Rats & other Scum Bags is an art exhibition with serious intent. The exhibition compassionately considers a community of young people living in and around Upwey, a community that is often criticised for their anti-social behaviour.

The exhibition is a slice of life of young people in Upwey in their space in and around the Upwey railway station. The exhibition touches on some of the emotional, social and cultural issues impacting on young people.

The young people of Upwey want to change the way they are viewed and this exhibition is a celebration of their positive energy and youth activism.

The work is a credit to the young people who created it (mostly 14 year olds) and to tiffaney bishop the artist who assisted with the project.

It is well worth a visit. Station Rats & other Scum Bags is on at the Burrinja Gallery until 14th March, 2010.

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