Sunday, March 21, 2010

sewerage for belgrave south & heights gets closer

Today I went a community meeting held by South East Water, to discuss the implementation of the Sewerage Backlog Program which will see 730 households in Belgrave South have the capacity to connect to the sewer.

The meeting was well attended by the community with over 200 people crowded into the Progress Hall.

Recognition of failing septic tanks and their contamination of our environment and waterways has seen the project brought forward in the backlog program.

The project will see 18,000 metres of pipe laid and will take 12 months to complete. The works will be undertaken in stages with residents given the opportunity to connect as soon as they can, although they have up to 12 months to connect.

The project will consist mainly of drilling with only some open cut work, the intention of South East Water is to minimise environmental damage by using these construction techniques. A large percentage of the pipe used in the project will be only 63mm in diameter with pipework for those on pressure systems measuring 125mm.

The project is seeking a planning permit and is currently being assessed by the Shire. It is a complex application and will take some time for officers to assess. It will come to council for a final decision given the extent of the project.

If you would like to more about the project call the South East Water Community Liaison Officer on 1800 055 465 or email

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