Sunday, March 14, 2010

synthetic gets the go ahead

Today saw the official opening of the Monbulk Synthetic Soccer Pitch with a match between the Monbulk Rangers and the Police Rascals to kick off proceedings. The day also celebrated the club merger between the Monbulk Soccer Club and the Sherbrooke Rangers Junior Soccer Club to become the Monbulk Rangers.

The new synthetic pitch will see young people stay in the area rather than leave seeking better quality grounds. It's great to be able to support soccer in this way.

The ground looked a treat with works for the new pitch completed in January. Club members are very pleased with the results, the new synthetic pitch is far more durable than a turf pitch and can be utilised 7 days a week, rain, hail or shine. Also water friendly, the synthetic pitch does not require watering, an important consideration as council continues a program of droughtproofing the ovals across the municipality.

I have worked hard to see the synthetic pitch installed to replace the grass pitch at Monbulk. It will go a long way to easing the pressure on the Menzies Creek Reserve and is a stepping stone to a major soccer facility to support soccer across the Dandenong Ranges which will see, as a staged process, 4 pitches built on the new site.

The pitch was made possible with $300,000 from the Shire of Yarra Ranges which was matched by the state government.

Soccer has grown exponentially in this region, with the Sherbrooke Rangers well and truly outgrowing the current Menzies Creek facilities. The merger of the two clubs will allow the ongoing support of junior players to transition to senior level and will cement the Monbulk Rangers as a major force in soccer in Victoria.

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