Friday, May 14, 2010

another telecommunications tower planned for silvan

report from the roundtable – 11 may

This week's council meeting had to consider a 35mt high Telstra monopole in Silvan. The application sought permission to erect the pole in a Significant Landscape area of Silvan.

I could not support the application. This area has high scenic values due to the extensive rolling foothills east of the main ridge of the Dandenong Ranges. The proposed pole would have risen above the canopy line of the trees by 14 metres.

Locals in the area were not happy to see the pole installed, concerned about the amenity and health impacts of a 35 metre monopole.

Although the pole was sited below the ridgeline, the applicant had compensated by extending the height of the pole.

Our landscapes are far too important, millions flock to the Dandenongs because of their natural beauty and we cannot blight this landscape with these types of installations.

The Yarra Ranges council can feel vindicated by the position it takes in relation to significant landscapes. A recent application for another monopole in Seville was refused by council for similar reasons and council's refusal was upheld by VCAT. Our landscapes are very important.

The residents views in relation to the decision were paramount and they vehemently opposed the construction of the monopole. Their views must be taken into account for it is they who have to live with the decision council makes on a day to day basis.

Council was unanimous in voting to refuse the application.

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