Saturday, May 08, 2010

koha community cafe in the junction



Thursday nights - Serving meals 6pm-8pm

Koha Community Cafe is a not-for-profit pilot programme providing terrific vegetarian meals one night a week. The menu changes every week and caters for a wide variety of tastes, including desserts. Tea, coffee and chai tea is also available.

The cafe is run by volunteers from our community and welcomes everyone to come along and enjoy a meal. Every now and then, they have musicians who volunteer their time and play at the cafe too.

Meals are available from 6pm and you pay what you can afford or what you feel the meal is worth.

Why not come along and find out more about Koha Community Cafe and stay for a dinner! I know I will the next time I'm in Yarra Junction on a Thursday.

Where: Yarraburn Centre, 1-3 Park Road, Yarra Junction
(previously the Senior Citizen's Centre next to the football oval)

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At 5:46 PM, Blogger Conroy'sNemesis said...

Hi Samantha
On behalf of Koha, thanks for promoting our activities: much appreciated.
Some supplementary info:
1. facebook users can keep up-to-date with news and feedback by following our page (just search within facebook for Koha Community Cafe).
2. We are currently undertaking a very important review of our first six months, the outcome of which will determine IF and HOW we continue. It is critical that people get involved, if only to turn up on a Thursday evening to complete the current survey.
Thanks again.
Jed Mahoney

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Samantha Dunn said...

Hi Jed, thanks for the update - I'll do an updated story on the blog. All the best, Samantha


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