Thursday, June 10, 2010

all systems go for sewer in belgrave south and heights

report from the roundtable – 8 jun

Council had to consider an application to remove 157 trees and 3 patches of native vegetation to construct reticulated sewerage throughout Belgrave South and Heights.

There was no doubt that it was a complex application, when considering the matter both the range of flora and fauna affected as well as the challenging terrain made the application a difficult one.

South East Water (the applicants) had to apply to remove vegetation on a 'worst case scenario' as many of the construction techniques they will be using will try to avoid removing as many trees as possible. But those who know the area will know about the rocks that float below the surface, which always provide challenges for anyone trying to dig or tunnel.

I have been on site visits to discuss vegetation removal and construction of the sewerage lines. I have also attended the two community consultation sessions run by South East Water (SEWL). I was satisfied that SEWL will do everything they can to retain as many trees as possible. I also look forward to any vegetation offsets required from any vegetation removal being retained in the local region.

When we consider the environmental impacts of failing septic tanks they are immense. Polluting ground and surface water, creating native vegetation dieback and an influx of weeds, not to mention E Coli being released into our streets during storm events from septic tanks.

I think one of the stand out things for me with this application is that in an area that values its environment we didn't have a single objector to the application because the community can see the immense benefits to going to a reticulated sewerage system.

I was happy to move the motion, the reticulated sewerage would give over 800 households in Belgrave Heights and South the opportunity to connect and would have significant benefits to our environment and local waterways. There are far many more gains with this one than losses.

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