Wednesday, June 16, 2010

locals feeding locals

What: Upwey Food Swap June 2010

Where: Magpie House, Main Street Upwey

When: 26 June 9-10am

Join the Next Food Swap - Meet,Buy,Sell,Swap your produce

This month will see the second Sherbrooke Transition Towns Food Swap. Produce available includes fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh herbs, plants, seeds, seedlings and eggs (although there aren't a lot of eggs around at the moment as some chooks are taking their winter break).

The Food Swap allows for growers to either swap, or sell home grown produce and Sherbrooke Transition Towns are keen to increase the number of growers. Their aim is to provide access to good healthy food while increasing local food availability.

The Sherbrooke Transition Town's food group wants to support you in combating the effects of climate change by reducing your family's food miles.

The Food Swap has been designed to create more community awareness around food issues along with increasing community resilience.

It is a great initiative and encourages those with surplus fruit and veg to stay local and swap for other fruit and veg.

If you'd like to know more please contact Michelle from Sherbrooke Transition Towns on 0409 526 862.

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