Monday, June 14, 2010

yarra ranges first council to support boobook declaration

report from the roundtable – 8 jun

At this week's council meeting I moved a motion that council support signing the Boobook Declaration.

I thought it was an important advocacy campaign for council to support as its focus is on increasing federal funding to safeguard biodiversity.

An echidna in Sherbrooke Forest, we're very fortunate to live near a forest brimming with life, but it's under pressure too, from pest plants and feral animals.

The declaration came about from environmental groups concerned about the lack of recognition of importance of and funding for biodiversity. The declaration was developed as an advocacy tool to put pressure on government to triple spending on biodiversity and the group steering the project have been working away to gain a groundswell of support to further pressure federal government. So far over 60 groups support the Boobook Declaration with Yarra Ranges being the first local government to do so.

We currently see ecosystems collapsing before our very eyes, the rate of extinction in this country, the greatest in the world. It is a critical issue that needs the commitment of government at all levels. We are very privileged in Yarra Ranges, we are home to three of the state's emblems, the Helmeted Honeyeater, Leadbeater's Possum and Common Heath, healthy ecosystems are very important to us and not only provide us with a healthy environment to live in but draw in millions of visitors every year.

The motion.....That Council:
(a) Supports the signing of The Boobook Declaration, noting that:
The Boobook Declaration calls on the Australian Government to:
1. Acknowledge the critical importance of safeguarding biodiversity as part of Australia's climate change response and commit to correspondingly urgent action to address the systemic drivers of biodiversity loss.
2. Increase investment in biodiversity and ecosystem protection, restoration and management to at least $9 billion over the three years to 2012 and establish an independent consultative process into future funding and stewardship of Australia's terrestrial, aquatic and marine biodiversity.
3. Restore and increase publicly funded research capacity.
4. Develop education and training programs for all sectors of the community.

(b) Notifies the Boobook Organising Committee of our support and supply the necessary information to recognise Council's support.

I'm pleased to report that council supported the motion unanimously.

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At 9:00 PM, Blogger Allie said...

This is an important step for comity groups and Councils. It will assist in mobilising the immense amount of goodwill out there for our indigenous flora and fauna.
Many congratulations to every member of the Yarra Ranges Council.


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