Friday, July 23, 2010

championing for women

report from the roundtable – 13 jul

2010 is the Year of Women in Local Government. The Victorian Women's Participation in Local Government Coalition is seeking the support of councils to formally endorse and recognise the Victorian Local Government Women's Charter as one of the activities being undertaken in recognition of women in 2010.

I was pleased to be nominated as 'charter champion' and be the Yarra Ranges advocate for the Charter's implementation and to encourage the participation of councillors, officers and the community in local events.

I look forward to being able to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women in local government and raise awareness of the contribution women make to local government. I also think it is important to provide opportunities for growth and development for all women regardless of circumstance and will be ensuring that Yarra Ranges continues to support women in their endeavours.

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