Sunday, July 11, 2010

more accreditation accolades for sherbrooke children’s centre

Good news - Sherbrooke Children's Centre, council's long day care centre, has received notification that the service has achieved an overall high quality accreditation rating from the National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC). The NCAC is the body which the Australian government uses to assess the quality of childcare services nationwide.

Sherbrooke Children's Centre achieved high quality ratings in all of the seven quality areas and received particular commendation for their commitment to maintaining equitable practices that respect individual needs, promote children's self esteem and confidence and in providing a responsive and inclusive program for children.

It is great news and shows that this service is committed to the early years and local families who use the centre. I have long been passionate about the centre and fought hard to ensure it survived a push by the council of the day to close it (even before I was a councillor – see blog).

This latest accreditation continues the recognition that Sherbrooke Children's Centre has gained since the inception of the quality assurance and improvement system was initiated in 1994.

It won't be long before details plans are completed for Sherbrooke Family and Children's Centre and council can call for tenders to see the centre extended (see blog).

I look forward to seeing the children's hub project start, it is one I have fought for on behalf of our community over many years.

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