Monday, August 16, 2010

electronic bird scaring devices – out for comment

report from the roundtable – 10 aug

At last week's meeting council had to consider whether it was going to release for public comment the draft Electronic Bird Deterrent Local Law 2010.

I moved a motion to call for public submissions and give public notice of council's intention to make the local law. In speaking to the motion I talked about the unease I had about various elements of the law as it currently stands, particularly in relation to its silence on exclusion zones for species such as the Powerful Owls.

I talked about the importance for community input in relation to the local law as it is controversial in its nature given the span of hours of operation, noise generation and potential to effect fauna.

I also expressed concerns that I didn't believe that Electronic Scare Guns come under the definition of Sustainable Farming as outlined in the council report and council's recently endorsed Green Wedge Management Plan. To me, nets are a far more sustainable farming option, although an expensive option out of reach to some farmers. I think there's a strong advocacy role for council to play in relation to gaining support for farmers to use netting.

I look forward to public submissions on the local law, it's a complex matter, and I think it's important to hear community views.

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