Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the games begin

It was terrific to be invited by the Shire's EcoLeaders to launch the Greenhouse Games challenge for shire employees. Run by Sustainability Victoria, the Greenhouse Games encourage workplaces to register to compete to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Employees are encouraged to register workplace teams and compete against each other to see who can reduce the most greenhouse gas emissions and lighten the footprint.

There was a great amount of enthusiasm and competitive spirit across many divisions and departments of the shire with people registering all sorts of teams to compete not only against each other but other organisations across Victoria.

It was wonderful to see the staff at Yarra Ranges want to do their bit at a household level to reduce energy use, water use and emissions. The idea of the Greenhouse Games is for people to change their habits so they continue to reduce emissions and their footprint every year.

The Greenhouse Games is also available for schools to register. I look forward to reporting back how the Shire of Yarra Ranges is going, watch this space for updates.

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