Monday, March 14, 2011

a fence or two

It's terrific to see work starting on the replacement fencing in Belgrave. The push for a new fence was made some time ago by traders and community, after consultation it's great to see work starting on a new fence for the Belgrave Township.

Work on the fence is starting at the "Earthly Pleasures" end of town and will take around 14 weeks to complete.
The fence is the same style as the fence at the Belgrave Town Park and will be far more attractive than the current pool fencing that's been part of the town for many years. The current fence is past its use by date with some sections requiring constant repair.

The new look will enhance the look of Belgrave and be a great addition to the streetscape.

Children can play safer at Belgrave Lake Park now with a fence around the playground.

A fence has also gone up around the playground at Belgrave Lake Park. The fence has been installed in response to complaints from concerned parents about dogs roaming off leash through the playground. Belgrave Lake Park does have a dog's off leash area but also includes a playground, fitness park and basketball practice area.

On some occasions dogs have wandered into the playground area and parents were concerned about their children's safety. A fence around the playground ensures children can play safely without fear of dogs.

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