Sunday, April 24, 2011

knox transit link?

A study completed by the Public Transport Users Association has revealed what long suffering commuters have known for some time, gaping holes and huge wait times on the Knox Transit Link, the shuttle bus service that links Knox City with the tram service at Vermont South.

Given that Knox City is a major activity centre it is critical that public transport services provide good linkages so people can travel via public transport rather than jump in the car. The PTUA Study shows that commuters are generally left waiting at least 15 minutes for connecting services.

The bus service is supposed to make up for the service that should have been provided by the promised extension to the Vermont South tram service. But what happens on the ground leaves commuters stranded waiting for buses to connect to trams or waiting for trams to connect to buses. This lack of connectivity is yet another barrier to people using public transport, hopefully the new Coalition government will start to provide public transport that people want to use.

And what of the people travelling to Knox City from Belgrave, well if you're travelling from Belgrave you'll need to take either the train, then a bus, or two buses. But if you're travelling from beyond Belgrave then add another bus to your trip. Is it any wonder that the people in the Dandenong Ranges are completely car dependent.

Let's hope we see a real commitment from the Coalition government to make public transport a priority. I hope that the implementation of a Public Transport Authority will see a level of coordination that will at least fix the connectivity problems commuters face on a daily basis.

As chairperson of the Eastern Transport Coalition I will continue to advocate for better public transport on behalf of our communities, we deserve nothing less.

Thanks to the PTUA for their study information.

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