Monday, June 06, 2011

samantha in the press - ethical paper

Council's resolution to support the Ethical Paper Pledge has certainly been a hot media topic. There's been many media stories generated since we committed to sign the pledge at our meeting of the 27th April, 2011.

This is what an intact forest in the Central Highlands looks like before it is logged for woodchips. This forest, although in Melbourne's water catchment, is not protected from logging.

Council urged to lure VicForests
ABC Gippsland
6 June 2011

Blackmail on green paper pledge
Greg Barber MP speaks to the issue in the Victorian Parliament.
1 June 2011

Victorian Councils reject Yarra Ranges Reflex boycott
Leader Newspapers
by Alex Munro
1 June 2011

This is what a Mountain Ash forest looks like after being logged for pulpwood, and to think there's enough plantation wood to meet the needs of paper manufacturers.

Green ideas mock us all
Herald Sun
by Miranda Devine
26 May 2011

Yarra Ranges councillor slams Reflex boycott
Leader Newspapers
by Alex Munro
25 May 2011

And this is a "habitat tree", left and not logged so the fauna of the forest has somewhere to live after logging. After the regeneration burn, this once magnificent tree is near death and isn't providing habitat for anything.

Yarra Ranges paper stand fallout
Leader Newspapers
by Alex Munro
25 May 2011

Reflex rebellion
Mail Newspapers
by Mara Pattison-Sowden
24 May 2011

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