Wednesday, July 06, 2011

occasional child care at risk

Last week I attended the Save Occasional Child Care Rally in Melbourne.

Coordinated by the Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres among other things a petition of 3000 signatures was presented to parliament requesting the reinstatement of funding.

Last year the federal government withdrew funding from Occassional Child Care Services, whilst this year the state government withdrew it's funding too.

It was evident at the rally that the blame game is well and truly in play. The State Government blaming the Federal Government, the Federal Government blaming the State Government.

Rather than pointing the finger of blame, of more importance to families is for government to reinstate the funding. Occasional Child Care plays a critical role, providing flexible care which can be taken on a sessional basis or casual basis.

It provides children with the opportunity to socialise, gives parents much needed time, whether it be for part time work, to go to medical appointments without the littlies in tow, go to job interviews or manage mental health issues. Whatever the need it is an important childcare service that needs to be funded.

Many community houses in Yarra Ranges provide Occasional Child Care and I am concerned about the implications for them and the families that use the service. I will be calling for a report so council can understand the ramifications of this retrograde decision.

Rather than pointing the finger of blame, both the federal and state governments should be working on a way to make it happen, occasional child care is too important to lose.

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At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Vicky said...

Thanks so much for your support, all efforts in trying to get funding reinstated for these non for profit community occasional childcare centres is appreciated

Vicky –


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