Friday, July 08, 2011

yarra ranges preventing violence against women

It was wonderful news to hear that Yarra Ranges Council in partnership with Maroondah and Knox City Councils was one of the four successful applicants for the Preventing Violence Against Women (PVAW) in OurCommunity Program.

Funding of $420,000 has been granted to deliver the project over the next four years. Yarra Ranges is well positioned to progress work in this area with the development of our Promoting Respectful Relationships Forum and our work with the Outer East PVAW alliance.

The program challenges gender discrimination and stereotyping and promotes gender equity and non violence.

Violence against women remains a serious issue and has a long lasting effect on women, children and the whole of community. For women aged 15 to 44 violence is the leading contributor to death, disability or illness (source). There is an enormous cost, not only to the women experiencing violence, but on our health system too.

Once completed the pilot will be assessed as a model to use in the broader context.

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