Thursday, July 07, 2011

yarra shortlisted for international riverprize

It was wonderful to hear that the Yarra River has been shortlisted for the 2011 International RiverPrize, one of the world's most prestigious environmental awards.

The Yarra River was shortlisted from over 50 submissions from 20 countries and it is quite an achievment to get to this stage.
Sharing the shortlist with Charles River - Massachusetts and Mattole River - California, the prize recognises innovative river management. If successful the Yarra River will be the second Australian river to win the award.

Melbourne Water have worked hard since the 1970s to improve the health of this significant river thanks to stronger environmental laws and the diversion of waste to the sewerage system.

There's also been a lot of work on bank stabilisation and implementing water sensitive urban design to better manage stormwater pollution.

It's a river that's dear not only to Yarra Ranges but is a treasure for all Melburnians.

The winner of RiverPrize will be announced at the 14th International RiverSymposium on September 27.

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