Sunday, August 14, 2011

picnic at cement

Today saw local environment group, Warburton Environment, organise the Biggest Picnic Ever in the Forest, up near Cement Creek in the forests behind Warburton.

I joined with 150 community members to learn about the proposed logging of the Cement Creek area.

Many people spoke on the day about various subjects, some on the values of the forest, the endangered species that live in the forests and to highlight just how very special these forests are.

Thanks to Michael Nardella for this image.
I spoke about the history of Yarra Ranges opposing logging in water catchments which came about due to proposed logging in 2007. As a response to local concerns I moved a motion which saw The Shire of Yarra Ranges oppose logging in our water catchments and 14 other councils join with us in opposing logging in water catchments.

Greg Barber MLC, Greens Environment spokesperson was there, talking about Leadbeater's Possums and the immense value of our forests as terrestrial carbon stores.

Steve Meacher, committed community campaigner for the Toolangi forests, spoke about the campaign in Toolangi and the enormous effort of community to highlight the issues of logging this forest.

These areas are part of Melbourne's Water Catchments, integral to the supply of clean, fresh water to Melbourne. We can't enter but it seems the logging industry can.

Bernie Mace, was there too, Bernie has been instrumental in the Toolangi Forests campaign. Bernie has been studying the forests for many years and his knowledge of the forest and the creatures who inhabit it is extensive.

The support to stop logging our native forests continues to grow, to have 150 community members in this remote location is a testament to their commitment.

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