Thursday, September 08, 2011

the digital age in warburton

It was wonderful to join with the Warburton community at the very first film screening at the Mecca Theatre using the newly installed digital projector.

Pictured left to right at the newly refurbished Mecca Theatre at the Upper Yarra Arts Centre: Kate Whitbread -Co Director, Producer, Spencer McLaren – Producer, Actor, Cr Samantha Dunn - Lyster Ward, Shire of Yarra Ranges and Sandra Sciberras – Co Director, Writer.

Warburtonians were treated with a premiere screening of Surviving Georgia, a film shot in Warburton and featuring many local identities as extras.

Council is committed to providing high quality projection to the local community and last night was a great first run, digital technology has delivered an enormous improvement in the clarity and resolution of films and the sound system is great.

It was terrific to hear the shouts of delight as locals recognised friends and family and key Warburton locations in the film.

Kate Whitbread – Co Director, Producer, Sandra Sciberras – Co Director, Writer and Spencer McLaren – Producer, Actor were there as well and were swamped with questions and congratulations after the screening. Writer, Sandra Sciberras, visited Warburton many, many years ago and the vision of someone fly fishing in the Yarra River stuck in her mind all this time. When she wrote Surviving Georgia she wanted to set the film in the place of her memory.

The film depicted the special beauty of the Warburton and it was wonderful to see this gorgeous part of the shire captured in Surviving Georgia.

It's a terrific film that opens on October 13 in selected cinemas, click here for more details (or see it in Warby between now and Sunday 11th Sept). If you'd like to see a trailer click here.

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