Thursday, September 15, 2011

lilydale up for some landscaping – have your say

Lilydale’s main street has been chosen as the subject for a national landscape design competition. The first Australian Institute of Landscape Architects street design competition was officially launched earlier this month.

The competition is designed to attract top level landscape designers of Australia. It’s a wonderful opportunity for this key township in the Shire.

Yarra Ranges Council’s urban design team submitted Main St, Lilydale as a suggested town for the competition.

It’s a credit to the team that Lilydale was selected as submissions were received from around Melbourne.

Lilydale is a Major Activity Centre (Melbourne 2030) and it provides an interesting mix of retail, major manufacturing employers, transport connections, education, with heritage and regional significance.

It’s a gateway to the Yarra Valley and an entry point to the Warburton Rail Trail so there’s plenty for Landscape Architects to work with.

Competion participants will receive a brief on the town including some challenges it faces, particularly with pedestrian access.

The community also have an opportunity to be involved, with an online
forum for
people to share their views on what Lilydale should look like. Thoughts and opinions
shared through the forum may be used for competition entrants to help with their designs.

The competition will run for two months with submissions then judged and presented to Yarra Ranges Council and the community in November.

I’m looking forward to seeing some great design ideas for Lilydale.

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