Monday, September 05, 2011

rowville rail, long overdue

Hundreds of people attended a community forum on the proposed Rowville Rail project at Monash University last week, strengthening the call for the long anticipated project.

It was a great opportunity for the community to provide input into the study, which if delivered would see a 12km rail line constructed between Huntingdale and Rowville.

This rail link is so important to this corridor of Melbourne, which has been crying out for improved public transport options.

A well designed railway line in this area would provide the public transport option residents and business want and need, whilst reducing road congestion.

Monash University is one of Melbourne's major universities and is growing every year, the students there are in deperate need of improved public transport.

Rail to Rowville would also bring broader economic benefits to the region by making existing businesses more accessible and encouraging other businesses to come to the area.

The Eastern Transport Coalition supports the public and their keeness to see a plan for how the government will deliver heavy rail to Rowville as soon as possible.

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