Tuesday, September 20, 2011

vic roads reviews speed limits

I have long campaigned for lower speed limits through our towns (see blog).

It is an issue that is constantly being raised as an issue, particularly in Selby, Belgrave South and Tecoma.

Council has long advocated to get a 50kph zone through these towns to make it safer for pedestrians as well as road users.

The current review being undertaken by VicRoads is a great opportunity for you to tell VicRoads what you think the speed limits in our town centres should be.

In the past the VicRoads criteria to allow 50kph zones has been woefully inadequate when applied in the Dandenong Ranges as many of our towns do not have 200mt of retail development on both sides of the road but are clearly in need of lower speed limits.

The scope of the VicRoads review will investigate:
~ routes with large numbers of speed zone changes
~ opportunities to reduce the number of speed limit changes
~ school speed zones
~ strip shopping centre times
~ speed limits in town centres
~ use and application of advisory speed limits
~ minimum length of speed zones
~ consistency of speed limits under similar conditions

Submissions to VicRoads are open till Tuesday 11 October, 2011 can be emailed to speedreview@roads.vic.gov.au or posted to:
VicRoads Speed Limit Review
60 Denmark Street
Kew VIC 3101

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At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Julie Howard said...

Please everybody who lives in these areas write in a letter to Vic Roads, there are so many students and pedestrians crossing these very dangerous roads in all these areas, not to mention drivers who have difficulty getting out of driveways and roadways.

Don't rely on others to write, do your best and write a letter, it's the only way we may get Vic Roads to budge on this issue, they need to get out of the dinosaur age with their criteria. It may have been okay for a horse and cart, but cars are becoming faster and better able to handle corners at faster speeds, this makes it all the more dangerous for pedestrians.

Criteria that does not differentiate between a straight road, and a road with dangerous curves creating lack of vision, needs to be updated to be more flexible. Criteria that says 200 metres of shops ON BOTH SIDES qualify for 50 kph, yet an area that may have say only 100 - 150 metres of retail on one side but suffers from other dangerous issues such as blind corners, and/or traffic in and out of shops parking etc. and therefore does not qualify for reduced speed, is ludicrous.

Many students and pedestrians cross the roads in these areas from in between parked and parking cars, in Selby often 2 or 3 buses at a time stop to allow students off the buses, causing traffic to overtake on curves.

Society and technology progress, while Vic Roads has stagnated and needs to be woken up, as it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs in any one of these areas.


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