Wednesday, December 07, 2011

mayor, deputy mayor and committees

report from the roundtable - 6 dec

This week's meeting was to consider the position of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, meetings and appointments to committees and external bodies.

I'd already announced that I'd throw my hat in the ring for Mayor and ended up having 2 other contenders, Cr's Noel Cliff and Graham Warren.

In first round votes Cr Cliff got 2 votes, I got 3 votes and Cr Warren got 4 votes and as there was no clear majority (5 votes) Cr Cliff dropped out of the race.

In the second round of votes I got 4 votes and Cr Warren received the 5 votes to confirm him as mayor for the ensuing year.

Thanks to my colleagues, Cr's Cliff, McRae and Heenan who supported my attempt to win the mayoralty. Those supporting Cr Warren were Cr's Templer, Avery, Higgins and Cox.

In other news, Cr Jeanette McRae, successfully gained the position of Deputy Mayor with the support of votes from Cr's Dunn, Cliff, Cox and Avery.

This year I'll be representing council on:
- Birdsland Reserve Committee
- Burrinja
- Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation
- Eastern Transport Coalition
- Fire Management Committee
- Graffitti Advisory Group
- Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee

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