Tuesday, May 29, 2012

saffron gets approval

report from the roundtable - 22 may

At this week's council meeting we considered the Saffron Cottage application for Tecoma.

In its second design iteration, the new plans responded to the site in a way the first set of plans didn't (that application was refused by officers). I had called the application in, as planning officers did not give me the opportunity to back in January.

The development is a good transition between the business and residential zones of Tecoma. It's low scale and is respectful of neighbourhood character in Tecoma. It's certainly a better transition than the current concrete walls that currently abut residential land.

Important to note is that the development will be limited to a 38 seat restaurant with an Operations Site Management Plan which includes a Booking Managment System, which restricts the number of patrons to 15 - 20 at any one time. This has been written into permit conditions so remains attached to the restaurant operations in perpetuity.

Overall the design does not detract from the area and it's management will be tightly controlled by the Operations Site Management Plan.

Councillors voted to approve the application. 


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