Monday, June 25, 2012

belgrave lights up the night

Marina Dennis - parade organiser and the engine room
behind the festival, Emma Johnson - local artist who's
spend countless hours creating lanterns with the
community at the many lantern workshops and
Cr Samantha Dunn - Lyster Ward. I'm proud to be
able to support this event through a Yarra Ranges
Festivals and Events Grant.
Congratulations to organisers of this year's Belgrave Lantern Parade.

In it's sixth year, the community came out in droves to parade with their lanterns or to stand by and watch the passing parade.

The event wouldn't go ahead without countless hours of work by the organising committee and all the volunteers who came out on the night to help in a myriad of ways.

The Belgrave Lantern Parade is a wonderful event, I thank everyone involved, it is a wonderful celebration of creativity and community.
These powerful owl lanterns are superb. Created by
lantern festival artists, Emma, Jane, Renate & Glenn.

Liz Beaton from BRAG with her
whimsical lantern. The great thing
about the lantern parade is it gives
locals the chance to let their creativity

It was terrific to see Michelle Jones and the team
from Transition Sherbrooke march in the parade.

Our Young Environmentalist of the Year,
Jordan Crooka, was there with an amazing
hammerhead shark lantern as part of
promoting Fin Free Ranges.

Charmaine Jeffery, Belgrave Bendigo Bank Manager, is
a great supporter of the Lantern Parade.

Captain Neville Aldham from the Selby CFA was on
hand volunteering along with many of the hills

Fire twirling made up part of the post parade celebrations.

Here's Emma Johnson with this gorgeous sun lantern.
This lantern has featured in every parade.

This Viking Ship lantern is a family affair, first launched
last year, it was great to see it back again for parade
number six.

The streets were abuzz with people carrying lanterns of
all shapes and sizes. This whale lantern is spectacular.

This is the first year that Puffing Billy have been in the
parade, what else but a Puffing Billy Lantern!

Local band, Fat Chance, provided pre parade
entertainment while people waited for the night to come.

The Mater Christi Girls College band, The Deep End,
got the street rocking in pre parade entertainment.

This Owl and the Pussycat lantern is extraordinary and
has set new heights in creativity when it comes to
lantern design. Well done to lantern artist Jane, great

I am always impressed by the diversity of
designs in lanterns. It's great to be part of
such a creative community.

These Belly Dancers led the parade.
This peacock lantern is wonderful, it's creator makes a
new lantern every year, this year's looks great.

Nice to see the Dalek make another lantern outing,
accompanied by various spacecraft - great effort.

Nice to see this Echidna Lantern, the natural
environment provides great inspiration for the
Belgrave Lantern Parade.

Local artist, Simon Duiker, with this year's creation.

The zombies made an appearence this year.

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I'll make a lantern for next year, i vow.


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