Thursday, August 02, 2012

all aboard, mcdonalds at vcat

All on board for the McDonalds VCAT hearing.
Next week sees the McDonalds in Tecoma appeal start at VCAT, the appeal runs for six days from the 6 August through to the 13 August.

I encourage community members to attend to show VCAT members just how much we have rallied as a community to stop this inappropriate development.

I'm pleased to report that there will be 33 community submitters and I'll be providing daily updates on the proceedings via this blog and my facebook site.

No Maccas in the Hills have uploaded a handy map and details of the VCAT schedule on their website.

I'll be joining community members on board the "No Maccas Express", I hope you can make it to VCAT for some of the hearing.

VCAT is located at 55 King Street, Melbourne and hearings commence at 10am daily.

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