Wednesday, August 22, 2012

fire ops plan - out for public comment

Fire Operations Plans outline where DSE and Parks Victoria intend to carry out fire prevention and preparedness activities on Victoria’s public land over the next three years.
These activities include planned burning, slashing, mowing and clearing works, creating and maintaining fuel breaks and fire infrastructure maintenance.
The Fire Operations Plans are reviewed annually and updated with the latest local information to help the DSE work out what, where and how often to burn.
The plans are also shaped by conversations DSE and Parks Victoria have with stakeholders and Victorian communities throughout the year. They develop the plans in consultation with community members, local councils, Melbourne Water, forest managers, CFA, wineries, tourism boards, flora and fauna specialists and any other parties who register their interest.
Here's your opportunity to have your say about what's proposed, if you'd like to know more visit the DSE's website here.

Please note public comment will close on the 31 August, 2012.

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