Wednesday, August 08, 2012

libraries get more flexible

Cr Samantha Dunn checks out the Yarra Ranges
new Flexi Vehicle, built especially to deliver
library services to more people in Yarra Ranges.
I had a wonderful morning launching the new Yarra Ranges Library Flexi Vehicle service up at Wesburn Primary School.

The flexi vehicle will provide greater access to library resources and programs, including early literacy, to areas in the Yarra Ranges that we haven't been able to reach.

The Flexi Vehicle is representative of the work the Yarra Ranges has done over recent years to transform our library services and develop early literacy programs. Our transition to Reading Rooms in community facilities has been a resounding success, with many more community members utilising library services.

The design of the Flexi Vehicle makes it very versatile
and easy to restock with appropriate and
targetted book stock.
Our Early Literacy Project, which utilises trained volunteer storytellers, will be complemented by the Flexi Vehicle which will be able to used in many settings including playgroups and preschools.

The Flexi Vehicle willl also be able to go to more remote places in the Shire, as well as residential care facilities and caravan parks, opening up our library services and providing access and equity for so many more people.

I've been part of the team on the Library Strategy and Action Plan committee, it's great to see this vehicle in place as part of that strategy and library services getting to so many more people.

Being able to reach out to more community members
is great, you might even see the Flexi Vehicle at
community festivals and footy matches too.

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