Sunday, August 05, 2012

tecoma primary school splashes the town

All the grade six students participated in the ribbon
How wonderful to be able to officially launch the Tecoma Mural, completed by the Grade Sixes at Tecoma Primary School.

The moment of the ribbon cutting there was excitement
all round including art teacher Helen Macinnes
and myself.
It was a grand occasion, shared by the whole school and parents, carers and grandparents too. In a mass ribbon cutting I was joined by all the students of Grade Six and Tecoma Primary School art teacher, Helen Macinnes to cut the ribbon to officially open the mural.

The mural spanning 18 metres has been installed on the DVD Destination wall in Tecoma, a hot spot for tagging in the town.

Comparing ribbons after the official cutting.
I was pleased to be able to provide ward funding to see the project come to fruition. The children started on the project late last year and have been working away on painting the mural, made up of numerous panels, for the first two terms of this year.

The design was their idea and  features the view from the earth to the galaxy. If you look hard you might even find the tardis!

The grade sixes were rightly proud of their achievements.

With the guidance of art teacher, Helen Macinnes, the children have painted a wonderful mural to not only spruce up a blank wall in Tecoma but to act as a deterrent to tagging as well.

Helen Macinnes, art teacher, Cr Samantha Dunn and
Tecoma Primary School Principal, Rohan Thompson
give their thanks to the Year 6 students.
I congratulate school principal Rohan Thompson for allowing the project to proceed, art teacher Helen Macinnes for doing such a great job with all the Grade Six students and last but not least give my great thanks to all the students in Grade Six at Tecoma Primary School - you've done a fantastic job and should be very proud of your achievements.
The children were keen to point out which 'bits'
were theirs.

Teachers Trevor and Sylvia join with their grade six students and Cr Samantha Dunn
to officially launch the Tecoma Primary School mural.
Students were keen to discuss their role in the mural,
with Helen Macinnes and Cr Samantha Dunn.
The mural is enormous, this is some of the detail.
Some more detail from the mural, it's well worth a
close look, there's so many wonderful things tucked
away, waiting for discovery.

Grade Six teacher, Trevor Wilson and art teacher
Helen Macinnes with Cr Samantha Dunn joined
by two of the grade six students.
A wonderful addition to the township of Tecoma and a great way to spruce
up an enormous blank wall.

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At 7:26 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

what a great blog Samantha!!! the text is wonderful, photos are wonderful, the kids look wonderful, and the mural looks wonderful!
we look happy!!!!
great stuff.
helen macinnes


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