Monday, September 17, 2012

belgrave traders agm, new committee elected

Me, with the new Belgrave Trader's Association
President, Marjo Robinson. Congratulations Marjo!
I was delighted to be able to preside over the Belgrave Trader's Association AGM election of committee members. It was wonderful to join with this group of people who are keen to promote Belgrave to locals and visitors to the area.

The night included presentations on a variety of events and happenings in Belgrave, it's a vibrant town with a new energy and it's great to be a part of it.

We heard from CJ from Limerence who's the spokesperson for End of the Line Festival, a celebration of arts and community. Next up was Vicki from the Southern Dandenongs Landcare Group, who is a powerhouse of knowledge and enthusiam for all things happening on the local environment front. Justine and Jamie gave an update on Reverberation, a hills culture festival which aims to promote local talent and businesses, followed by Tiffany Bishop, who talked about her collaborative youth art initiative, the tiffany bishop collective. We also heard from Bronwyn from the Shire who talked about the current investigations underway for a site for the Belgrave Community Hub.

There's so much going on and with new businesses in the area, there's a new vibrancy in the town.

I'm pleased to report the committee for 2012/13 are:
President - Marjo Robinson - Through the Looking Glass Second Hand Books
Vice President - Brent Dakis - Limerence
Secretary - George Harmon - George Harmon & Associates Quantity Surveyors
Treasurer - Jacqui Day - Business Lynx
General Members:
Paul Dakis - The Confectory
Damien McIntyre - tiffany bishop collective
Yolanda Rayner - Wicked Lady
Charmaine Jeffrey - Bendigo Bank Belgrave
Arthur Kyriakis - Belgrave Community Pharmacy

Congratulations to you all and thanks for dedicating your time to Belgrave.

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