Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the missing link takes shape

This new section of footpath should be finished by
mid March all going well, can't wait to give it a go!
It’s terrific to see the start of the “missing link”, the piece of path missing between Belgrave and Kallista. It’s an important part of the footpath network as it means pedestrians can now travel back and forth on the same side of the road without having to negotiate two crossings on the very busy Monbulk Rd.
A long while in the making, it has been a challenging project (as many are in the Lyster Ward). The challenging topography, environmental considerations and pedestrian safety and friendliness meant that a lot of detail went in to the design and construction of this footpath.

The footings have been excavated in a way that protects the root systems of the mountain ash trees that follow the footpath whilst the boardwalk construction means there is far less impact on the environment and avoids tree removal.
I look forward to having a stroll myself and seeing more of these vital links in our footpath network come to fruition.

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At 2:30 PM, Blogger Catherine said...

Hi, I've been trying to find more details about this project on the Council's website... with no luck!
I live very close to this construction, and we're delighted that it's being done, but curious to know whether something will also be done to improve the "path" going up the hill opposite Micawbers (on the Lipscombe firebreak). The path is incredibly steep, and treacherous, but also provides a handy "shortcut" up to the walk through the forest for walkers and locals alike.
I was really surprised last year to see the Oxfam trail walkers trying to negotiate the path - wet and muddy as it was!
I would appreciate any further information you can provide about the project ... once again, the Council seems to have forgotten to communicate with the people most immediately affected by the construction works!



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