Wednesday, October 16, 2013

community planning comes to the dandenongs

As a change in the way we inform council strategies and support local communities council agreed to a new approach as part of our Council Planning process earlier this year.

Council signed off on the development of a local area plan (or community plan) across the municipality based on four distinct geographic areas, being The Hills, Central and Upper Yarra, Yarra Valley and Urban areas. The local area plan is a document that includes a community's vision and plan to share their future aspirations. Council will support any community wanting to develop a local area plan. Local area plans are owned and implemented by the community. Over the coming years local area plans will help to inform future Council Plans. In the past council has relied on Vision 2020 which has been a great statement of community aspiration but does fall short of reflecting the local issues in such a big and diverse municipality.

In order to support the development of local area plans, Council employs four community development officers, each responsible for a specific region. In the Hills it's Amanda May.

It's a great process to get involved in, and the first opportunity is coming soon to the Hills.

When: 7:00 to 8:30pm Thursday 14 November, 2013

Where: Sherbrooke Family and Children's Centre - 1443 Burwood Hwy, Upwey

Book: yes please - let us know you're coming for catering purposes online here or call Amanda on 9294 6741

So why should community members get involved you ask?
Local area planning offers communities a structure or process that helps to:
• empower community leaders by providing an environment that lets you have a say on issues that are important to you and develop solutions to these issues
• identify local strengths and assets that can be enhanced, rather than focusing on needs and wants
• take the learnings from your neighbouring communities to help you to achieve your vision
• connect your community and develop local partnerships and networks that build pride in the place where you live
• tap into existing skills and experience or learn new skills
• promote the local social, economic and health benefits of your community that make it a good place to live.
What is Council’s role?
Council can support communities by:
• participating in meetings
• providing template documents
• being a conduit between the community & Council
• supporting and providing advice on community engagement
• providing support to identify funding sources
• providing demographic data

If you'd like to know more you can contact the Hills area Community Development Officer Amanda on 9294 6741 or otherwise I look forward to seeing you on the 14th to talk and listen to all things community aspiration.

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