Wednesday, November 13, 2013

tis the agm season, tonight tvag

At mid November we're well and truly in the middle of AGM season, tonight's AGM was for TVAG, the Tecoma Village Action Group. That's one township group that has had an enormous workload over the past year with much focus on McDonalds in Tecoma. Other issues have also been progressed with ongoing involvement in the Shire's Graffiti Working Group and the Township Network Group.

I was delighted to accept an invitation to preside over TVAG's elections for the 2013/14 year at the Upwey RSL.

I'm pleased to report the following members were elected:
President: Nicole
Vice President: Anita
Secretary/Public Officer: Anne
Treasurer: Barbara
General members: Erica and Steve.

Congratulations and thank you, you've all worked immensely hard and have been dedicated to fulfilling your volunteer role as a township group, it's quite a credit to your commitment to Tecoma. 

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