Wednesday, December 11, 2013

grants for community set

report from the roundtable - 10 dec

It's always great to see the full range of applications for funding across Yarra Ranges, it's a diverse and active Shire and there's many events, programs and activities on the calendar.

Yarra Ranges Council provides funding towards three different streams, Community Development, Arts & Heritage Development and Festivals & Events. This year's funding saw a record number of applications but sadly not all of them can be funded. I'll be pushing for an increase in the pool of funding available in our next budget to try and get more capacity to fund more applications.

I'm delighted to announce that the following local applications received funding.
  • Belgrave Farmers Market for feasibility $4,000
  • Women's Federation for World Peace Bridge of Peace Sisterhood Project $1,000
  • 3MDR Community Radio for Community Outlook, broadcasting local community stories and info $3,000
  • Sherbrooke Art Society for the Australia Wild Project $4,000
  • Monbulk Care Network for the Art class and show $3,000
  • Tiffaney Bishop Collective for tbC coLAB 2014 $10,000
  • Dandenong Ranges Music Council for Musical Theatre with Attitude $7,000
  • Ruccis Circus for the Circus Festival $5,000
  • Belgrave South Community House for Celebrating International Day for People with a Disability $2,500
  • Upwey Billy Cart Races $3,000
  • BCAP for the End of the Line Festival $7,500
  • Selbyfest $7,500
  • Dandenong Ranges Tourism for Autumn Authors $5,000
  • BCAP for the Belgrave Lantern Parade $10,000
  • (note Belgrave Survival Day 2014 has already been funded as part of the funding review transitionary arrangements)
Congratulations to all the recipients, looks like it's going to be another great year of community activities and festivals.

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