Sunday, August 31, 2014

putting children at the centre of participation

report from the roundtable – 26 aug

At this week’s council meeting I was pleased to be able to move a motion to endorse the Yarra Ranges Child and Youth Strategy 2014-2024. I have had long history of campaigning for children and childcare and the development of this strategy is one that is dear to my heart.

The strategy seeks to make Yarra Ranges a place where every child and young person will be able to thrive, reach their potential and actively participate in decision making.

It recognises the importance of the early years and early intervention programs to ensure children have every opportunity to flourish.

The strategy seeks to cement the relationship between early years and youth services. It recognises that one outcome of effective early years services and opportunities will be more resilient and achieving young people with the flow on effect being more resilient and achieving young adults, the parents of the next generation.  
I have always been a firm believer in get it right in the
early years, get it right for life. Here's the class of
2013 Kallista Kinder kids tree planting at the
George Tindale gardens.

Part of the strategy includes endorsing the Victorian Charter for Child Friendly Cities and Communities. I was proud to be able to launch the charter in my role as VLGA President last year. The Charter provides a set of guiding principles - freedom, respect and dignity and equitable access, to help to empower our youngest citizens.

The Charter was developed to assist local governments and community organisations to work in conversation with children on creating places, policies and programs which fully consider their needs.

I was delighted that councillors unanimously resolved to endorse the strategy.

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